How do I contact Outlook by phone?

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user and you are observing some issues on the software for which you are required to talk to a real person at their customer service, then you must be wondering how do I contact Outlook by phone? Well, if you like to talk with a person over the call, then further you will learn about the procedure.


Steps To Call Outlook Support Team

Here are the steps which a person can follow to make a call to Outlook customer service and can talk with a real person for their queries on the Microsoft Outlook software:

  • Dial the Outlook support number(800)-865-9408 on your phone,
  • You will be provided some commands over the call,
    • Choose 1 for buying a new subscription to outlook software,
    • Choose 2 to end your subscription to outlook software,
    • Choose 3 to learn the details of your outlook subscription,
    • Choose # for connecting through a person at the Outlook support team
  • Now your call will be put on hold for some time,
  • A few minutes later, the call will be connected with a human at the support team,
  • Then you can ask the queries you have from the person that is connected with you. 


On any rare chance, if you do not meet with a person by following the above steps, it might be due to the high number of calls from the support team. At that time, you can consider connecting with a real person for support on the live chat. You will find the live chat option on their official site to be connected with a live person.