How can I speak to someone at hotmail?

Hotmail is a personal information management tool. This means you can send, receive, and store information using this application. New features are added every season. But if you find yourself in a situation where you can not use any of the features or need support with retrieving the data, you may want to speak to someone at Hotmail, and that too as soon as possible. 

Since most of your personal data is stored within this app, its malfunctioning can leave you in a state of panic. 


Procedure to get help from Hotmail

One thing you need to acknowledge is that Hotmail is now known as Outlook. That's right; the application is created by Microsoft, so to get help, you need to visit Microsoft's official page.

  • Microsoft has curated many applications since its birth. The webpage may seem overly detailed as it has information on all of its products. But don't worry, the method to ask for help is simple.

  • Look to the right of the Microsoft logo; you will see different tiles with different topics. The last one on the left reads' Support'. Open it.

  • A list of products in their logo form will appear. The third option is Outlook. Click this logo.

  • You have asked, "How can I speak to someone at Hotmail?" but please note that you need to log in first to get direct support.

  • On the new page, scroll to 'Contact Us' and click it. Now look downwards; there is a button which reads 'Sign-in to contact support.' Click it.


Now you need to sign in as per the instructions, and you will find the support number. You could also sign in at the homepage and follow the steps in the same order as mentioned.